Mohammed Aljapairai

The main goal for me as a programmer is to fulfil the goals and visions of the people who are in need for a good programmer to help them make their ideas come true

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School Labs Booking System

School Labs Booking System is an Android application built using Android Studio with Java, and Firbase as a cloude realtime data base.

    JavaAndroid StudioFirebase

Qendeal is an online store, that was built using WordPress and WooCommerce, the online store has signing in feature, and a payment gateway.



I've worked with a range of technologies in the web develpment world, and mobile applications.

  • Front-End

    Experience with React.js

  • Back-End

    Experience with Node and Firebase

  • Mobile apps

    Experience with Android Studio

About Me

Living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, got a bachoular degree in information technology, for business inquireis please find my contact information below.

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